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Three drills to keep your head still when throwing

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The following is a question I received in the comment section of a post called Throwing on the run .

“Do you recommend any drills for fielders that turn their head when they throw to a target?”

To be honest, nothing came to my mind so I checked in with a couple good baseball friends of mine.  Here are the three drills they came up with:

  1. A coach holds up a piece of poster board with a number on it and stands behind the first baseman. He could flash the card as the player releases the ball and then the fielder has to yell out the number
  2. Have the receiver hold up fingers with his non-glove hand once players release the ball and have the thrower call out the number of fingers that were held up.
  3. Throwers can put another glove on their head. If their head twists, the glove will fall off.  A hat loosely put on their head may work too.


2 Responses to “Three drills to keep your head still when throwing”
  1. BGP says:

    Thank you very much! I can definitely see all of these drills helping. The best baseball instruction blog I have seen on the web. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge you provide

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