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The Throwing X Drill

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When I work with a young thrower (below high school), I usually focus a lot of attention on smoothing up the throwing path of their arm.  Watch a major leaguer throw on TV and it won’t look like they are putting a lot of effort into their throws.  When the radar screen says 95 mph, your mind gets changed.  They are putting a lot of effort into it.  So why don’t they appear to be?  It’s because the body parts used in throwing are gel together at the right time to make a smooth, graceful throwing motion.  Unfortunately, too many young throwers have a mechanical, herky-jerky style of throwing which doesn’t enable them to get the most out of their arms and body.

Today’s video tip is a good drill that I frequently use to get throwers to be more rhythmic and graceful.  It’s called the Throwing X Drill.

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