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The Space Shuttle and off-season habits

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I saw the Space Shuttle the other day being towed down a street in Los Angeles on the way to its new home in a museum.  It reminded me of a statistic I read somewhere.   Did you know that Space Shuttles lose 80% of their fuel on takeoff?  It’s a neat bit of trivia but it also speaks to why off-season programs are tough getting started.  The
 same principle involved in a Space Shuttle takeoff applies to new habits as well.  The toughest part is
 always getting started.

Make it through your off-season takeoff and it will become much easier after that

This time of year is usually when baseball players need to make
 adjustments in their workout regimen to prepare for the next season.
  Based on their performance this past season, players should be creating 
a game-plan for off-season workouts to further their strengths and
 address weaknesses to improve their overall game. 

Training adjustments
 for better baseball skills, overall body strength, throwing strength,
 flexibility, endurance, nutrition, and the mental side all should be 
part of these off-season game-plans.
  However, the problem is that most people, both inside sports and out,
 have a tough time sticking to new workout goals.  To do that
 effectively, people need to create new habits which do not change
 overnight.  People are generally pretty set in their ways and usually
 gravitate back to what they have been comfortable doing.

So, if your body is fighting you and giving you many signals to just 
quit and fall back into what is comfortable, don’t see that as a bad 
thing.  See that as a necessary step to the process of getting your game 
to takeoff.

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