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The Chair Rotation Drill for pitchers

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A big thank you to all of you who purchased my latest eBook which included at total of 95 drills for pitchers, outfielders, and base runners!  (If you want info, click HERE) A recent buyer emailed me to say thank you for the bundle and also asked a question.  When he looked at drill #12 (The Chair Rotation Drill) in the Pitching Drills eBook, he wasn’t quite sure how it was done.  Today’s video tip is the drill.

One of the hardest things for young players to do is realize that different positions require different throwing motions.  A pitcher doesn’t throw like a shortstop and vice versa.  Unfortunately, many young shortstops also pitch which means most of them keep throwing like a shortstop when they step on the mound.  Big mistake.

The Chair Rotation Drill is one of my favorites because it teaches pitchers to finish properly in order to get the most out of their mid-section.  Doing so forces them to finish like a “pitcher” instead of like a “thrower.”



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