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Success happens on the margins

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Have you ever heard of the phrase “success happens on the margins” ?  If you have, it probably was in the context of making money and/or succeeding in the business world.  It means that success happens a little bit at a time and

Success happen a little at a time, often from sessions like this one.

rarely just appears out of nowhere.  Even people or companies that are said to have been an “overnight success” rarely are when you delve into the evolution or background of the people involved.  Often it was years in the making whether the public noticed or not.  Of course, the same is true on the baseball field.  There really are no overnight successes in the game.  It takes an incredible amount of work over a long period of time to get anywhere close to mastering the game.  (Note: Nobody ever masters the game.)

Like the game of life, success in baseball requires players to strive to become better in many tiny increments over time.  Although many people want success at something NOW, that’s not how life or the game works.

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