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Scouts look at coaches too

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As a player, there will always be people watching you.  Your talent and how you conduct yourself in good times and bad will not go unnoticed.  This is nothing new.  Coaches have been telling their players this forever.  But do the coaches realize that they are being watched also?  

They are not just looking at the players.

Here is a true story.  A number of years back I got a call from a college coach who was recruiting one of my players.  He said he had money for one more recruit and he had to decide between two players as to who was going to get that money.  My player was one of those two guys.  The coach was calling because he had decided to give my player the scholarship money.  He went on to say that even though the two players had about the same abilities, he knew that my player was going to have to need less coaching when he arrived at college.  He could tell by watching me and everyone else in the program a few times that our players were learning the game at a higher level then most and that what we expected from our players in high school was consistent with what a college program expected as well.  The coach was taking a chance on my player, in part, because of what I was doing on the field.

Although I certainly was glad to hear that, it was an eye opener for me.  Even though I had heard since I was little that scouts and college coaches will always be watching the players, I was never told nor did I even consider the fact that a recruiter would be watching the coach as well.

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