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Practicing for Infield Drift

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In yesterday’s post I explained the concept of infield drift.  Unfortunately, there is really only one way to practice this play effectively and that means using a pitching machine.  Of course, if you have an advanced degree in hitting pop-ups with a fungo then you are all set.  Most coaches don’t have the ability to consistently hit pop-ups over home plate for catchers.  The best I can get is usually about 2 out of every 5 swings with a fungo.  Pretty good but not good enough for my catchers.

The following video shows how it is done with a pitching machine.  The machine used in the video is the best kind for this drill but if you don’t have one like it, you can use just about any kind by adjusting it.  Be careful though.  Most machines are not made to throw pop-ups straight up.

If you do not have a pitching machine then it will be almost impossible to mimic infield drift for catchers.  If that is the case, there are other ways for catchers to practice pop-ups so that they learn the footwork and the other nuts and bolts of the play.

I’ll show you all that tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s post:  Pop-ups drills for catchers

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