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Post-game self evaluation sheet

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One of the many challenges a coach faces is how to get players to focus on the statistics that really matter.  For a hitter, it is easy to put your attention on a batting average but “hits” can be deceiving.  Was the pitcher good?  Would a good infielder/outfielder have caught the ball instead?  Was it a swinging bunt infield hit or line drive?  The point is, many of the key numberes pitchers, hitters, and infielders care about the most do not often tell the whole story.

To address this with his players, a high school coach and good friend of mine uses a post-game self evaluation sheet.  After his fall season games, each player had to fill out the self-evaluation.  As you will see, the coach forces the players to rate themselves in the areas the coach feels are most important to evaluate.  This method is a terrific way to shift the players’ focus away from trivial stats and direct attention to the more important ones.

Click on the link below to see how he’s done it.  Make one of your own to fit your needs and priorities!

Self evaluation sheet

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