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Playing catch with Pete Rose

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When I was younger, my dad and I would frequently make trips to the backyard to play catch.  When my accuracy needed improving, he would always draw an imaginary circle in front of his

Keep it in the circle on every throw.

Keep it in the circle on every throw.

chest with the ball to remind me that every throw should be in that circle.  Every time I missed that circle, he would pause and redraw the circle.  It annoyed me but it did make me focus.

A couple weeks ago I was watching a Phillies game on TV and the announcers interviewed Phillies third base coach Ryan Sandberg.  During the interview, Sandberg mentioned that whenever Pete Rose played catch with someone, he would require the partner to throw the ball between his shoulders and his belt.  It brought back a lot of memories.

Both players benefit from this habit.  The thrower focuses more which improves his accuracy.  When he makes his throws easy to handle, the receiver benefits because his transfer from catching to throwing will improve as well.

Getting your players into this very basic habit is key to a good, consistent defense.  Start it early and demand perfection in this area and your team will improve on defense rather quickly.

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