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Keep a journal

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Roy Halladay is a pleasure to watch on a regular basis.  Watch his preparations and his game day performance and there will be a lot of positive things to see and learn from.  But there is something that you won’t see that is a big part

Any style will do. Just start!

of his preparation and in-game performance.  His pitching journal.  Halladay takes extensive notes on opposing hitters and even umpires.  What pitches did the batter swing at?  How did he get him out?  Was the ump a low ball ump?  Did he call the pitches off the corner?

Many pitchers do this as a way of remembering how to pitch certain guys and/or entire line-ups.  Of course, pitchers are not alone in this.  Many hitters use the same journal writing strategy to their advantage too.  After a game, a hitter may think back and record some or all of the following:

  • Types of pitches thrown
  • Velocity of pitches
  • Movement of pitches
  • Out-pitches
  • Pitch tendencies with runners on / no runners on
  • Times to home plate

If you are a young player, start doing this immediately!  With all the games you play and the players/umps you see, it is impossible to remember everything.   

Think of the advantage you and your team will have when a new pitcher enters the game and you pull out your journal and announce … “This guys about 80-82, no movement on the fastball, slow to home plate, good pickoff move, always starts with a fastball but tries to get you out with his slider with runners on, and he’s a hothead.”

Get a journal and start using it!

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