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How to make a batting tee (Part 2)

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When it comes to total number of views, the most popular post on this website is the one I wrote back on January 29, 2014.  It was called How to make a batting tee.  

If you have the money, my pick for the best basic batting tee is the Tanner Tee.  It is the tee that many college and pro team/players use and they do so for a reason.  There are some other great specialty tees as well like the one I previewed HERE.

If you are short on funds or just a handy person by nature, making your tees is a great option.  The original post (linked above) showed a few photos and a description sent to me and reprinted with permission from my friend Coach Bob Sopko of Allentown, PA .  I recently contacted him again because I was receiving quite a few requests for the parts list and dimension sizes.  He graciously passed them along with permission to post these as well.  Shout out to Bob once again!

Below is a screenshot of the dimensions and a few additional building tips he threw in as well.  If you’d like a printable pdf version, click this link here – Tee Material List copy.

Happy building!

And by the way … if you liked this post, the best companion to it is an eBook I created that lists and details 60 great hitting drills, several of which utilize a batting tee!  Click HERE to get a copy!


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