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Errors are part of the game (and life)

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In baseball, you can't hide from your mistakes. You shouldn't in life as well.

There are many things that are great about baseball.  The list could go on forever.  High on that list for me would be that after every inning, the mistakes that the team made are announced for all to hear.  “Three runs on two hits and one error and after four full innings of play, the Phillies lead the Mets 4-1.”

What other sport does that?  None of them.  Mistakes (errors) are part of the game.  They are also a big part of life.  Just like the game of baseball, life demands that you keep tabs of your mistakes along the way and don’t run from them.  Successful people in life know that mistakes are worth their weight in gold.  Screwing up something forces adjustments to be made which get you closer to your goals.  Ignoring mistakes keeps people spinning their wheels.  These people are so afraid of making mistakes that they become immobile and rarely take a risk.  

Successful people see mistakes differently.  They relish in them because they know that beyond those mistakes is where success is located.  They know you have to go through them to get to success.  Most people try everything they can to avoid or go around mistakes.  The successful don’t waste time and go directly toward them.

Baseball doesn’t run from errors either.  They put them on every scoreboard.  Some may see that as a flaw in the game.  Others see it for what it is.  Like life, baseball understands the value of an error.

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