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Don’t let a slow pitcher slow your bat down

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One of things I’ve seen a lot of with young hitters is that when they face a slow pitcher, their bats

Slow pitchers can drive you nuts.  Just don't let them slow your bat down.

Slow pitchers can drive you nuts. Just don’t let them slow your bat down.

slow down along with it.  This, of course, is a big mistake.

Like many hitters, I always hated hitting off slow pitchers.  Bring that 92 mph any day of the week. That soft lefty who throws slow, slower, and even slower is the guy I hated.  They can single handedly put you in a slump after 3 at-bats.

To be successful against slow pitchers, you cannot allow them to mess with your bat speed.  You keep your weight back longer by staying strong on your back leg.  You let the ball come to you instead of reaching forward for it.  You then attack the ball with your normal short, quick, aggressive swing.

Slowing your bat down is exactly what the pitcher wants you to do.  It’s easier said than done but that’s how it has to be.

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