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Battle of the low pitch

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The pitcher-hitter battle is one of who can go the lowest.

The pitcher-hitter battle is one of who can go the lowest.

As players get older and reach higher levels of the game, more and more pitches will be thrown towards the bottom of the strike zone.  Successful pitchers at the big league level routinely throw down in the zone with all their pitches.  That’s why they got to that level.  I’ve said before that I get a laugh when announcers say a player is a good low-ball hitter.  My thought is if he wasn’t, he would never have reached the major leagues since at that level, that’s mostly what he sees.

Basically, as kids get older, the game becomes a battle of the low pitch.  By that I mean both hitters and pitchers battle to see who can go the lowest.  If pitchers throw lower than a batter’s ability to hit the low pitch, the hitter’s career will come to an end.  If hitters are able to hit a pitcher’s best low pitch, it’s the pitcher’s career that will be ending.

Who wins depends on who goes lower.


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