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Baseball books

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Of course, being a school teacher by day, I always encourage reading.  If you are approaching the holiday season and not sure what to get that special baseball person, how about some books?  Below are some good choices.  All these books are linked in the upper right of my page.  Clicking on each takes you right to Amazon.  Enjoy!

Mental game of baseball by Harvey Dorfman
This is the Bible of baseball books when it comes to the mental side of the game.  It is a must have for any player approaching high school and above.  Parents of younger players would get a lot out of this as well.  It’s one of those books that you’d wish you had when you were playing.  I know I do!

The way of baseball by Shawn Green.  This is a book that came out this year.  Shawn Green is a former MLB player who had a very good career.  I actually played against him in the minors.  He chronicles his ups and downs in the game and focuses a lot of attention on his mind-set as a player.  A lot can be learned about his drill work and creating the proper attitude for baseball.  The material might be a little “out there” for younger players because of the talk of Zen, yoga, and meditation, but the “heady” kind of player could gain a lot.  Also great for fans who want to know what MLB players go through behind the scenes.

Heads up baseball by Ken Ravizza
Along with the Mental game of baseball, this is another winner on the mental side of the game.  A bit shorter, this book simplifies concepts a little more and provides some exercises for players to think through.  Another must have for high school players and coaches.

The Louisville Slugger complete guide of hitting faults and fixes by Mark Gola 
This book outlines the 50 most common faults in hitters and what specifically to do to fix them.  Many photos have been added to show all these problems as well.  I have often referred to this book for advice when dealing with a hitter who is struggling.  The material is presented clearly so coaches and parents working with any age group can benefit.

The dip by Seth Godin
This short book is not a baseball book but the concept works well with the inevitable struggles that baseball players will go through.  A “dip” is the wall that we all run into after being in an activity for a while.  It occurs when the work gets tougher and the fun starts to diminish.  Knowing when to quit and when to plug on through until the end is key in business.  I think there is a great connection to sports.  There are some great life lessons in learning to deal with bad times for any age group.

What other books should baseball people be reading?  Leave your choices in the comments or shoot me an email!


One Response to “Baseball books”
  1. Bob says:

    Coach, may I suggest (in order):
    – Sixty Feet Six Inches by Bob Gibson and Reggie Jackson. Learn about the mental aspect of BB from the best.

    – Grand Slam, The Secrets of Power Baseball by Jim Bunning, Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, and Willie Mays. Tips from the greatest

    – The Head Game by Roger Kahn Do you know who Candy Cummings is and why he should be one of the most famous people in baseball????

    – The Science of Hitting by Ted Williams. Everyone should read the Bible.

    BTW, after reading your post: Santa will be bringing me Mental game of baseball & The Louisville Slugger complete guide of hitting faults and fixes …ho, ho, hooooo



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