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A good sigh

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This is the second post in a series dedicated to helping players relax in the moment.  The previous posts on the subject are HERE

Great time for a sigh on the exhale.

and HERE.

Another breathing technique that can help a player relax in the moment is a good “sigh” on the exhale.  To do this one, a player breathes in normally through the nose and holds the air in at the end for about 10 seconds.  As the 10 seconds ticks off, tension builds.  The player then exhales fully through the mouth with a “sigh.”  The quiet at the end of the exhale is something the player wants to focus on.  That’s the point where all the tension has left the body and relaxation has occurred.

The player should also practice doing this breathing technique without holding his breath in for the ten seconds.  Simply breathe in normally, exhale with a sigh, and feel the stillness at the end.  When the player is in a stressful moment in a game and doesn’t have time to hold his breath for 10 seconds, this technique can be effective.  Right before delivering or receiving a pitch, right before getting a jump on a steal, etc.

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