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5 things hitters want pitchers to forget

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If the wishes of hitters came true, pitchers would forever fail to learn/remember the following:


1.       Hitting is hard.  As pitchers get older, the likelihood of them having to hit drops significantly especially if they move on to college.  Even minor league pitchers of National League organizations are usually not asked to hit until they get to the AA level.  This is good news for hitters because when pitchers do not hit, they often forget just how hard hitting actually is.  If they remembered, they wouldn’t nibble at the plate or get behind in the count as much.  They’d throw strikes!

2.       An inside pitch is harder to hit than a pitch out over the plate.  Aluminum bats prevent many

Don't lose sight of these basic things when you step on the mound.

pitchers from coming inside very often.  An aluminum bat hitter can occasionally hit a ball a long way even if he doesn’t get the ball on the sweet spot.  This scares pitchers away from throwing inside.  This makes hitters very happy!

3.       A change-up is harder to hit than a fastball.  Ask any hitter at the higher levels what kind of pitcher he’d rather face … a fastball guy throwing 93 or an off speed guy who tops out at 84?  EVERY SINGLE ONE will say “bring on that 93! That’s easy!”  A pitcher who changes speeds and keeps you off balance is a nightmare to face.

4.       Most runners won’t steal.  Runners on 2nd and 3rd.  Why on earth is the pitcher slide stepping?  Big, slow, fat kid at first base.  Why throw over and mix your looks too much?  He’s not going anywhere!  However, if I’m hitting, pay as much attention to him as you want!  That means you’re not fully focused on what you are throwing me.

5.       Fielding is important.  Some pitchers are completely worthless when it comes to fielding their position.  Screwing up bunt plays, comebackers, and backing up bases is music to batters’ ears.  Counting the pitcher, there are 8 fielders in front of the hitter.  In reality, if the pitcher is worthless in that area of the game, there are only 7.  It’s easier to get hits when there are 7 fielders than when there are 8. 

If you are a pitcher and forget these basic things, you’re making a lot of hitters very happy!

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