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1-6-3 bagwork for shortstops

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Today’s video tip shows how a shortstop turns a double play at second base on 1-6-3 or 2-6-3 plays.  Because the feed from the pitcher or catcher is coming from a different angle than say, a second baseman or first baseman, his footwork at the bag needs to be different.

Early in the video, a previous video tip is mentioned which dealt with the footwork of how a shortstop should go from his position to the bag.  If you didn’t catch it, it can be found HERE.

Today’s tip is about the footwork when he is actually at the bag at second base.


One Response to “1-6-3 bagwork for shortstops”
  1. Coach Frank says:

    Great video. I LOL (and startled my wife) when you answered your daughter with “Jose Bautista”. Go Royals!

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