Tuesday, January 16th, 2018


Welcome North Penn Area Coaches!

Below you will find a link that will take you to the curriculum I mentioned in my seminar.  Below that I have other links and a special Offer Code just for North Penn community coaches  that will get you 50% off any of the eBooks and seminars for sale on the website.  Just type the code in the Offer Code box at checkout to get the discount.  

Best of luck to all of you!

Coach Bob McCreary


Baseball Curriculum (FREE! – Tee Ball through High School)

Practice Organization Templates for coaches (FREE! – Youth levels through High School)


The following video was recorded at a coaches clinic given in April, 2017, for 7-9 year old level coaches at TYA/Hatfield.  Topics and times of the clinic are below the video:

Introduction        (0:00-6:25)
Basic Catching    (6:25-16:05)
Basic Hitting       (16:05-34:00)
Basic Throwing   (34:00-48:03)
Basic Fielding     (48:03-57:36)
Base Running     (57:36-1:02:55)
Practice Org.      (1:02:55 – 1:12:18)
Pitching              (1:12:18-1:14:26)


The following is the presentation given by Coach McCreary on the Foundations of Catching and Throwing.  Below the video are related content and resources for North Penn area coaches.

Baseball Curriculum – A guide for determining what skills each age group should be able to do at the end of the season.

Top 30 Most Popular Posts – free eBook

Baseball By The Yard eBooks

Baseball By The Yard Seminar on Game Charts

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Helpful Videos about Catching, Throwing, and Fielding

The Throwing X Drill for teaching the basic arm path

Sticking your catches: Getting players to control the ball and not let the ball control them

“Thumbs up to catch, thumbs down to throw” for basic catching and throwing

The importance of keeping your eyes still

Using agility rings for better footwork in practice


Stepping in to catch the ball

Two triangles to field

Footwork: How to approach a groundball