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You play for the other coach too

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My coach doesn’t like me.

My coach doesn’t promote me.

My coach doesn’t know any college coaches.

My coach doesn’t know the game.

My coach never talks to scouts.

Reason to be concerned?  Maybe and maybe not.

Coaches talk.  Always have and always will.  If you feel your coach is not doing enough for you (most likely you are wrong) you can always start playing for the other coaches.  Impress the other coaches and they will spread the word about you as a player.  If you mope around feeling sorry for yourself about your “horrible coach,” the opposing coaches will talk about that too.  

It’s your choice.

I can’t tell you how many phone calls I got from college coaches and scouts asking me who the better players in my area were.  And by the way … they ask about ability AND attitude so do your best to present well in both every time you step on the field.

You should go through walls for your team and your coach no matter how good of a team or coach you have.  If your side doesn’t notice the effort then the other side probably will.

Tomorrow’s post:  Coaching great teams

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