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What was with the hoodies?

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Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone!  

This was a post I was meaning to write about a month ago when the playoffs were in full swing.  I got distracted by other things but I think something still needs to be said.

Did anyone notice the base coaches for the Cardinals who were wearing hoodies under


Seriously?  The end of the world is near.

their jerseys during the NLCS and World Series?  Is the Major Leagues now just some coach-pitch organization?  

If you didn’t know, the Major Leagues has a rule that says base coaches are not allowed to wear jackets while out on the field.  Some think the rule is stupid but I think it’s still a good one.  It looks more professional.  I think it also gives you some more “cred” with the players.  If it’s 20 degrees out and the players have to play in it without a jacket, why shouldn’t the coaches who are on the field?  I never wore a jacket or any other type of covering over my jersey while coaching third base.  I didn’t let my assistants either.  I really didn’t mind if other coaches did it.  It just was my thing.

However, the whole hoodie thing in the Major Leagues has got to stop.  It looks horrible and cheapens the level.  At least in my eyes. Of course, MLB couldn’t care less about my opinion because I didn’t spend one dollar on tickets this season.

But who won the World Series?  That’s right.  Not the Cardinals.

Apparently the Baseball Gods were watching too!


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One Response to “What was with the hoodies?”
  1. Josh Matheny says:

    Well said. I commented to my coaches about the same thing. It looks ridiculous. I tell my coaches that we want to look professional. And to see a professional dress with a hood under a uniform is unprofessional. And I believe that it does make a difference in winning and loosing.

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