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What is the proper arm path for pitchers?

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I fully expect some criticism over this video because I think my views are in the minority.  So all you keyboard warriors get your fingers ready!

Today’s video explains two things from my point of view:

  1. How most kids are taught a proper arm path.
  2. What I think a proper arm path should look like.

Whether you agree or disagree, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.



One Response to “What is the proper arm path for pitchers?”
  1. Drew Stegon says:


    The ball is staying in the same vertical path not because the pitchers are necessarily bringing the ball straight up and down without arm separation, because without arm separation the ball would be moving forward from the vertical as the body is moving forward. What appears to be straight up and down motion is truly an arc because of the continually changing point of rotation and the fact that the radius of the path of the ball is changing.

    There is no doubt that in nearly every pitcher mechanics the ball stays nearly over the pitchers plate but that is because the radius of the path of the ball is changing. The radius is changing because the hand is separating from the body while the shoulder is moving forward with the body.

    Their arms are separating from their bodies as shown by their throwing elbow all moving away from their bodies along with their hand. One pitcher I studied and wished there was more video of was Sandy K. Sandy had an almost vertical arm pull from the time had the ball at the lowest position in his windup. He nearly brought the ball straight vertical to over his head and then through towards the plate even as his body was moving forward. He appeared to have very little in the way of separation.

    Not that I necessarily disagree with what you are showing, but to not teach arm separation I think would be incorrect. Just my dumb opinion…

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