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What does it mean when a hitter “leaks”?

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Today’s post was inspired by a reader who emailed me about his son who is apparently “leaking.”  The reader wasn’t sure what the term meant.  The term is also something I have dealt with recently now that I have started to do some private hitting lessons.

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The video tip explains what leaking is and gives a couple reasons why it can be a problem for hitters.



One Response to “What does it mean when a hitter “leaks”?”
  1. Drew Stegon says:

    Will be in Washington Crossing in August. May have to swing by and say HI!

    You should have compared the difference between a player that has hands that “float” verse a player that leaks. I have seen some coaches at the youth level not know the difference and therefore they don’t correct the proper thing. In both cases the hands are moving forward before hip rotation begins but the results are usually different. Maybe in a future video!

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