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Video analysis of Aroldis Chapman

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FYI to subscribers:  Check your email!  Yesterday, I sent out an offer that expires on Saturday at midnight!


I get asked all the time if I do private lessons.  Unfortunately, my schedule rarely allows me to get out to do them.  However, I have an idea that might be of interest to you or someone you know.  It would be a private lesson through video analysis.  Here is how it could work …

  1. You take a video of your son or player and upload it to YouTube. (it’s simple if you haven’t done it before & I could provide instructions to walk you through it)
  2. Make it an “unlisted” video if you don’t care for the world to see the video.
  3. Send me the link of the video so I can view it.
  4. I create a video like the one below tailored specifically to you.
  5. I upload the video (unlisted as well) and send you the link when I’m done.
  6. Watch, learn, and improve!

That’s it!

I’m thinking of some other options as well to possibly go along with the video analysis but I desperately need some feedback so I can provide what it is you’d like to see and be willing to pay for.  Any and all comments are more than welcome.  Leave comments here or email them to me at  I want to hear them all so don’t hold back!

Here is a sample video of one I could produce for you.  It is a rough copy.  Yours would be more thorough.  Please let me know what you think!

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