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Two out bunts

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I attended a local college game the other day and I have to say that the game looks very easy when you are watching from afar.  I’m used to being in the dugout so having some distance from the field is a little weird.

Bunting is a great weapon but not always with two outs.


Anyway, during the game there was a situation where a batter attempted a basehit bunt with nobody on base and two outs in about the third inning.  Opinions may differ on this but in most cases, a bunt in that situation is a bad strategic move on the batter’s part.  Of course, this type of thing is never written in stone.  There are always exceptions.

Below are some thoughts about bunting with two outs:

  • Even if the batter gets on first, it still will probably take at least two hits to score him from first base.  That is less likely to happen with two outs.  That’s why some believe it’s better for him to swing away and try to drive the ball for an extra base hit.  If he does, it will take only one base hit aftwards to score him from second base with two outs.
  • If he makes it to first base, he’d better be able to steal.  Have him steal second with two outs also allows him to score with only one hit instead of two.  If you’re a coach, put on the steal sign.  If your team is on defense, it’s a good time to think about a pitchout.
  • A base hit bunt with two outs and a runner on third base is a GREAT idea.  Most defenses are not thinking of a base hit bunt with two outs and therefore back up a little.  Surprise them!  It also helps an average bunter because he doesn’t have to be as fine with the placement of the bunt because of the surprise factor and the fact that they usually are a little deeper.
  • Against some teams and at some levels, there is no telling what can happen if you put the ball in play.  We’ve all seen a third baseman or pitcher field a bunt and throw it 10 feet over the first baseman’s head and down into the right field corner.  Obviously, a two out bunt can be more of a weapon if the opposing team cannot field.

Use your descretion when it comes to the two out bunt.  It has a place but as you get older and the fielders get better, it generally becomes less successful of a play.

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