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The pressure of high school baseball

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The American League East and the National League East are currently seen by most baseball people to be the best divisions in baseball.  Here are the teams:

AL East

NL East

Baltimore Orioles Atlanta Braves
Boston Red Sox Miami Marlins
NY Yankees NY Mets
Tampa Bay Rays Philadelphia Phillies
Toronto Blue Jays Washington Nationals


Pick one of those divisions.  Now imagine for a moment that there are 20 games left in the MLB season and ALL of the teams in that division are tied for first place!  Could you imagine the excitement?  Fans and players would be on edge every pitch of every game.  Every play, hit, error, etc. would be magnified and have enormous meaning.  It would be a baseball lover’s dream.  And ESPN’s too!

Ironically, that’s an exact description of a high school season.  Approximately 20 games for all teams in the league.  Every game matters.  All loses are devastating and all wins are celebrated.  Add to that a single elimination playoff system and the pressure mounts even more.

So, the next time someone says “Come on, it’s only high school ball,” tell them to take a closer look at what’s really going on.

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