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The glove goes near the hip

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I recently saw this photo online and it highlights a mistake I often see with young pitchers.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but it is worth mentioning again.


There are several things I’m a stickler for making young pitchers do.  One of the most important in my opinion is making sure they finish the pitch with their glove near the hip like this …


A controlled, compact finish allows them to have more body control which usually means more accuracy.  However, the primary reason for being a stickler on this is safety.  Imagine a line drive hit straight back at the pitcher in the first photo.  With his glove behind him, there is no way he will be able to get that glove around in time to deflect, catch, or knock down the ball before it hits him.  The pitcher in the second photo may not ultimately catch it either but he’ll have a much better chance if his glove ends up near his hip.

When I explain this to young pitchers I use the seat belt analogy … “You get in the car, reach over your shoulder, and pull the belt down to click it near your hip for safety.  When you throw, you ‘click’ your glove near your hip for your safety on the mound as well.”


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