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The And-1 mentality

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   AND-1 !!

Kyrie Irving takes it down, he’s looking to get it to Lebron.  He dishes it off to Kyle Korver.  Bounce pass to Kevin Love.  Back to Irving.  He get’s it out to Korver at the 3-point line.  Doesn’t have a shot.  Lebron is fighting for position underneath.  Pass over to Irving.  He drives to the basket and dishes over to Lebron.  Lebron goes strong to the board!  He’s hammered before the shot!  He gets it off … 

And-1 !!

Ever see a pitcher cruise through 7 innings with his team up 3-2 and hope to be taken out to protect his W?  How about a hitter who is 2 for 3 on the day and hopes he doesn’t get the 4th at-bat to protect his average?  Or the student who puts his energy into one class for the “A” and is ok with a lackluster “C” in another?

These are examples of people who do not have the “And-1” mentality.  They have the opposite.  They have an “either-or” mentality.

An “And-1” mentality is a player who doesn’t settle for either-or in his game, his workouts, or his life.  He wants both!

Some basketball players will settle for a couple foul shots to avoid the full pain of going strong to the rim.  Lebron James wants both!  He wants the basket AND the foul shot.  A top pitcher wants the win AND the complete game instead of just a win.  A tough batter wants the 4th at-bat AND the good batting average.  The “And-1” student says “I’m getting an ‘A’ in this class AND that class!

Championship teams and players have “And-1” mentalities.  People who settle have “either-or” mentalities.

Which do you have?



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