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The 99 percent

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In the Philadelphia area where I am located, temperatures are reaching 100 degrees.  It’s that time of year.  

99% of baseball players:

  • It’s too hot to play baseball.
  • I’m too tired to take the extra base.
  • I wish I were at the pool.
  • I wish I was at the beach with my friends.
  • Why is their no shade on this field?
  • I don’t feel like sprinting onto the field or off the field.
  • Can’t I just throw 50 pitches today?
  • I think I’ll put on the breaks and just be happy with a double.
  • I hope we get rained out tonight.

1% of baseball players:

  • I can’t wait to get to the field today.
  • I’m stealing second base on this pitch.
  • I’m going to be the first guy to his position after the inning.
  • I’m thinking at least a double on every hit.
  • I need to be somewhere on every play.
  • I’m going to beat my best time to first base tonight.

Two questions:

  • Which percentage do you think coaches/organizations want on their teams?
  • Which percentage is more likely to play beyond high school and college?


Which percentage are you choosing to be in?

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