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The 2nd balance point for pitchers

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Ask most pitchers and coaches “What is a pitcher’s balance point?” and you typically will get back something like “it’s the point when a pitcher gets all his weight back on his rear leg before going forward to throw the pitch.”  And they would be correct.

Next ask them “What is the pitcher’s 2nd balance point?” and you are likely to get some confused looks.  That’s because not much attention is placed on this balance point when teaching pitchers proper mechanics.

Today’s video tip demonstrates where the 2nd balance point comes into play and explains why it is so important for pitchers as they get older and start to throw more off-speed stuff.

NOTE!!!  Do NOT confuse the 2nd balance point with the “drop and drive” concept of pitching.  I am not a fan of that concept and do not teach it.  There is a big difference between the two.

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