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Swing until my eyes tell me NO

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Aggressiveness at the plate is a tough thing to teach.  It seems like some hitters are just not very interested in swinging the bat.  “I’m swinging if it’s a strike” is a common phrase that I am not too fond of.  I believe it can lead to this kind of tentativeness.  An alternate, more aggressive, saying is “swing until my eyes tell me NO.”

The first saying implies that you are not swinging unless you see that it’s a good pitch.  The second implies that you are swinging unless it’s a ball.  

It may sound like semantics but there is a big difference in mind set at the plate between those two sayings.  Start saying the second and you might quickly find yourself being a more aggressive hitter.

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One Response to “Swing until my eyes tell me NO”
  1. Bill says:

    Fantastic advice. And I agree that there is a huge difference between the two approaches.

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