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Private Instruction: Simple is repeatable

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For many players, private instruction has either begun or soon will be.  A gigantic tip for players and parents who are searching for an instructor is to look for instructors who keep things simple.  I have heard many parents talk about baseball instructors and a common complaint from many of them is that the instructor makes things too complicated.

A fundamental rule with instruction is this …

A hitting or pitching system that is too complicated simply will not be repeated.

When a person is in a very stressful situation (2 outs, bases loaded), normal thinking tends to decrease and simple learned movements take over.  As a result, complicated mechanics typically go out the window. This is why all instruction should be based on simple movements that can be repeated even under stressful conditions.

The most knowledgeable instructors are not always the best ones.  Too often these guys spend their time trying to prove to you how much they know.  The best instructors are often the guys who can break the game down into simple components that all age levels can understand.

If you come away from lessons and are not really sure what the instructor was talking about then you may need to consider finding another instructor.

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