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Same swing, very different result

July 10, 2012 by  
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There are some things in baseball I can’t explain.  Here are a few:

Must be nice to hit like that!

  • Two pitchers have the same body type and mechanics.  One guy throws 82 and the other 94mph.
  • One pitcher throws the ball straight as an arrow and another can’t throw the ball straight even if he tried.
  • The concept of throwing a “heavy ball.”

Another came to mind last night while watching the 2012 MLB Home Run Derby.  When some very special players hit, the ball just sounds different off the bat.  The ball tends to go a lot farther too.  I can’t explain why but it’s true.  A guy can seemingly have the same swing, same body type, and the same overall strength as many others but when they hit the ball, the contact just sounds different and the ball just explodes off their bat.

Unfortunately, I was never that guy!  

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