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Reflections of a first time little league coach

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My daughter and son just completed their first taste of organized baseball.  They both played on the same coach-pitch Pony league.  At my kids’ request, I helped out as an assistant coach.  Here are some basic thoughts as I reflect on the season:

God bless the teachers who deal with 5-7 year olds every day.  I’ve taught at the high school level for about 20 years now and couldn’t imagine teaching 5-7 year olds every day.  I’d lose my mind.  Ironically, every single elementary school teacher says the same thing about my high school kids.

Never assume kids know anything about baseball.  I’ve always taken this approach at every level I’ve coached but boy did it certainly hit home at this level.  My son standing on home plate to hit is an example.

Parents at this level seem to get it.  The season was fun.  The coaches had fun, the team had fun, and the parents had fun watching.  Everything was positive, there were always tons of smiles, and no complaints.  Baseball was fun.  At what point does that seem to change?

Having another baseball fan at home is pretty cool.  If my son never picked up a baseball glove in his life, I’d be ok.  Baseball was my passion and it does not have to be his.  However, it is pretty special when the last thing he asks about before he falls asleep on Friday night and the first thing he asks about Saturday morning is “How many hours until the game?”

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