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Pleasing the masses

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On every sports team in the world, you will probably find the following dynamic:  a couple players will worship the ground the coach walks on, a couple will hate the coach’s guts no matter what he does, and the majority won’t really care either way.  I

Bobby Valentine / Ozzie Guillen

think it was Davey Johnson who said something like “the key to managing is making sure the guys in the middle don’t start hanging out with the couple guys on the edge who hate you.”  The point is … don’t ignore the “lovers” or the “haters” on the edges but do take more time to cultivate the guys in the middle.  They will ultimately decide your fate as a coach.

As an outsider who knows nothing about the Boston Red Sox clubhouse, it seems to me that this is the problem with Bobby Valentine.  A possibly Ozzie Guillen as well.  Their coaching style seems to push the “middle” guys closer to the couple guys that will naturally hate them.  If this happens, whether it’s your fault or not, you are in for a long season.  Just ask Bobby and Ozzie.

P.S.:  The same dynamic is true with parents of your players.  Use the same strategy with them also!

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