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If you can’t play catch, you can’t play baseball

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Not sure when this basic skill became so hard

The last part of the Bible is referred to as “The Last Days” and lists seven prophecies that some claim will predict and lead us towards the end of the world.  If my memory serves me, the first prophecy is “No child shall be able to play catch.”  If that is true then we are well on our way to the end of the world.

Have you seen kids play catch lately?  It’s brutal.  It’s also a shame because as the saying goes, “If you can’t play catch, you can’t play baseball.”

Every play on defense is basically a game of catch.  Take a 5-4-3 double play as an example.  The third baseman sets his feet and catches the ball.  He sets his feet again and makes an accurate throw to the second baseman.  The second baseman sets his feet to catch and then sets his feet to throw to first base.  The first baseman sets his feet and catches the ball.

Set your feet and catch.  Set your feet and throw.  Pretty simple, right?

If you want an indication of the state of youth baseball in America today then just watch a group of kids play catch.  Just make sure you watch from a distance so you don’t get drilled by a bad throw.  It is increasingly painful to watch young kids (unfortunately, even older ones too) try to catch a ball and return the throw accurately even at short distances.  Apparently, the New York Times agrees with me since they recently published an article about the topic.  It is worth reading.  

Article Link: They can hit 400-foot homers, but playing catch?  That’s tricky.


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  1. Drew Stegon says:


    I had to break out the balls with the black tape on them last year at the high school level because the kids COULD NOT THROW THE BALL CORRECTLY! They thought they could, but then I had them throw a ball with tape across the 4 seems and amazing…. could not see a single black line!

    It is sad. It makes me mad. I am hated in the local youth league because I have the “backbone” to say something about the terrible coaching that invaded the youth levels.

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