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Pitchout tips for catchers

September 16, 2014 by  
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Today’s video tips are for catchers who want/need to improve on pitchouts from the pitcher.  I don’t get into everything a catcher needs to be concerned about because that would have taken too much time.  In this segment I chose just a few things catchers should be aware of when performing the play.

Tomorrow’s post:  Angles for pitchers when covering first base


2 Responses to “Pitchout tips for catchers”
  1. Coach Frank says:

    Coach, if the catcher steps out for the pitch-out and the batter swings and hits him, isn’t that catchers interference and the batter will get first base?

    • Yes, it is. How far out the catcher goes and at what angle does depend on whether or not the batter can reach him. The more catchers practice it the more they will figure out the sweat-spot of how far to go and still be safe. Good question!

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