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Pitchers: Don’t bend both knees at the same time

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Today’s video tip is for pitchers who want to better utilize the height that they have.  Taller pitchers have an advantage when they are on an elevated mound and throwing properly.  Today’s tip prevents a pitcher from “collapsing” on their back leg and allows them to more effectively throw on a downward plane to the batter.



One Response to “Pitchers: Don’t bend both knees at the same time”
  1. Don Ervin says:

    Through my years of experience I feel that it is of the utmost importance to fully explain and to demonstrate at the same time as to how the drive foot and leg should/are behind the hips, pushing/accelerating them{IF YOU WILL} ahead of the stride foot and leg for at least {12} frames sideways away from the rubber then the stride foot activates and accelerates straight down the hill towards the intended target. What I notice while viewing pitching coaches instructing their students is that they concentrate mostly with the upper body/arm not realizing that what happens down below their waist/midsection directly effects their upper body movements, either in a positive or negative way, If the hips and body core are not initially/activated prior to stride foot activation they are left behind until they are pulled and follow along by the stride foot movement, the stride foot should never activate/move ahead of hip activation/movement.
    Great Base Ball-N
    Don Ervin

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