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Pickoff moves to first base: Part 1 – The mistakes

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Most right handed pitchers at the levels below pro ball use a pickoff move to first base that involves a variation of the spin-move.  Although some pitchers are quite good at it, there are several problems with doing that type of pickoff move to fist base.  Today’s video tip shows and explains the problems with this kind of pickoff throw.  Part 2 will show the footwork that I teach pitchers to use.

Tomorrow’s post: Pickoff moves to first: Part 2 – Proper footwork


One Response to “Pickoff moves to first base: Part 1 – The mistakes”
  1. Kevin says:

    So easy to under-estimate the importance of being able to hold runners on… a skill that is so essential at higher levels of ball, especially where a team may have a catcher who is less adept at throwing runners out.
    Shutting down a good team’s running game can be a significant key to winning a close game.

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