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Organize a college night

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A great idea for high school coaches this time of year is to organize a
 college baseball night at your school for players and

Organize your own college baseball night.

parents.  Tap into
 your college contacts and get some coaches (D1, D2, D3, and junior/community colleges) to come and speak about their level of 
ball, how they recruit, scholarship info, and much more.  This time of year, college coaches are slowing down and can probably set aside some time for you.  It’s also a good recruiting tool on their end so it’s a win-win for everybody.  You may even
 be able to get a pro scout or coach to speak as well.  Other speakers worth coming might include a doctor (shoulder/elbow experts), a guidance counselor for the NCAA Clearinghouse and other admissions information, a parent who has gone through the recruiting process before, and maybe even a pro player in the area.  All speakers could talk in turn or could talk in breakout sessions where parents and players choose which speakers they want to hear.  There are many ways to do it.  Structure it for your needs.

Entrance to the
 event can be free to increase interest but it could also be used as a 
fundraiser for the program.  Advertise in some local papers to
 generate interest outside your school.  If admission is free, often the
 paper will not charge for promoting it. 
Most people who find themselves in the recruiting process are, for the
 most part, clueless.  And it is not their fault. 

Organizing such an 
event can provide a tremendous service to the baseball people in your
 community.  It also can be great public relations for you and your

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