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Master of the slow roller

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During the Yankees/Tigers playoff game the other night, two versions of a
 shortstop throwing on the run was seen.  Derek Jeter successfully
 executed the play on a slow, choppy grounder but the Tigers shortstop (Jhonny Peralta) was not able to on a similar grounder the following inning.  Jeter was
 able to complete the play because he had proper footwork on his approach, on the catch, and on the throw.  Peralta took too many steps after the catch due to poor footwork on his approach.  This led to a safe call at first base.

Jeter: One of the best at this play due to great footwork before and after catching

Many baseball people (I’m in this camp) believe this type of play is the toughest play for an infielder to
 make.  Not only is the fielder charging hard on the play but he has to 
throw off the opposite foot (right foot for a right handed thrower) in order to get the runner at first base.

I have written four posts on this very play.  If you are an infielder or
 someone who coaches infielders you’ll want to go back and look at these
 posts.  Indoor workouts are approaching and this play is easily
 practiced indoors even in small areas.  It’s a play that good infielders
 have to make so they’d better learn how to do it in practice. 

The links to
 the previous posts are below.

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