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Make a deposit every game

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Baseball wealth comes from a lot of small deposits over time

Go to any book store and you will see tons of books related to financial success.  Each one claims to have the secret formula to reaching your financial dreams.  I’m no financial wizard but I do know the #1 rule when it comes to money.  

“Spend less than you make.”

My parents taught me that no matter how much your income is, make a deposit every week.  It doesn’t matter if you deposit $5 or $5,000.  Make a deposit every week.  Over time all those deposits add up.

The same motto is true in baseball.  Make a deposit every game no matter how small it is.

Too many people think the road to wealth means winning the lottery and making one gigantic deposit.  They neglect the little deposits and lose out on the effect of compound interest over time.  On the same note, too many baseball players think only a 4 for 4 day with 3 doubles is true baseball success.  They also are missing out on a lot of small opportunities to make deposits.

Here are just a sample of small deposits a baseball player can make each game.  Over time, all these little things add up to their own success and that of their team. 

  • A walk after a long at-bat
  • Putting the ball in play against a tough pitcher
  • Going first to third on a base hit
  • Not letting their best hitter beat you
  • Making sure of one out on every double play
  • Making a great block with a runner on third base.
  • Getting a great jump on a steal.
  • Getting a bunt down
  • Keeping a grounder in the infield with two outs and a runner on second base
  • Moving a runner over from second with no outs

I could keep adding to this list for days.  The point is, there are so many little chances at success in the game of baseball.  Focus only on the large successes and the game will chew you up and spit you out mentally.  

Make small deposits every game and be proud of yourself for doing so.

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