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Keep your old gloves

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My son and daughter will be playing organized baseball for the first time this season.  My son already had a baseball glove but my daughter was in need of one for herself so we trekked down to the sporting goods store and picked one out.  While she tried on numerous gloves (as did I), I

Never get rid of these beauties!

thought of something related to tiny gloves.

Small gloves are a terrific training tool for high school kids.  Even kid gloves.  A child’s glove that is basically the size of a high school player’s hand is great because it forces the player to be fundamentally correct.  Some mistakes can be overcome when you have a larger glove.  Not so with a tiny glove. 

So my small tip for today is … never throw out your old gloves!!  Keep them and bring them out in practice during ground ball drills.  Players will quickly see the value in them because they will force the player to be fundamentally correct.

Note: Be careful using them in drills that require catching of hard thrown balls.  Small youth gloves are not designed to catch balls thrown at a high velocity.  There are high quality, training gloves that can be bought for catching but for all other drills, a youth glove should be fine.

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