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It should hit you in the head

June 24, 2012 by  
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I heard a good line on TV the other night.  Apparently, a new Los Angeles Angels outfielder had coasted after a ball instead of

Directly underneath with two hands. Basic baseball.

hustling to get underneath it.  After the inning, Tori Hunter went up to the teammate and said, 1) “we don’t do that here” and, 2) “if you miss a pop-up, it should hit you in the head.”  

The first comment shows the character and class of Tori Hunter and the second is a very good tip for young players.  

Because of large gloves, young players can get away with drifting after and/or catching a pop-up off to the side.  The proper way is to get underneath it and catch it directly over your head.

Basic fundamentals that don’t go away once you hit the big leagues.


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