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If you know a young player, make him watch this

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Young American kids typically wear $80 spikes.  They use $300+ mako bats.  They play on nice fields and they carry baseball bags filled with 20 pounds of other gear.  Some are the best players in their area.  They have dreams of playing professional baseball and assume their previous success in the game will carry well into the future.

Very few of them realize who their real competition is.  If you have or know a young baseball player who is passionate about the game, please have him watch the video below.  It focuses on Robinson Cano and the city of San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic.  It also highlights a talented 15 year old third baseman.

If you around 15, he and many others like him are your true competition no matter what your local papers say.

How do you stack up?  Is it in your blood like it is theirs?

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