Thursday, December 14th, 2017

How to teach soft hands on defense

Having infielders who have nice, soft hands on ground balls can feel like a gift from heaven.  The question is, can you teach a player to have soft hands?  I’m sure there is a huge genetic component to all this but I believe there are things you can teach an infielder to help develop softer hands.

Today’s video tip is where I would start.


One Response to “How to teach soft hands on defense”
  1. Coach,

    Agree and disagree.

    Depends on where the ball is being played in relation to your body. You would not want to field a ball with a backhand or a forehand and have your hands move away from the ball. You want your glove to move “through” the ball. Fielder must learn and practice both

    If it is ball straight at you then i would agree that your hands should start out in front of your body and as the ball approached you pull your hands towards your body (not is a big amount) easily to “slow” the ball (relative velocity)

    I love this video by MLB and Ron Washington. I have my HS infielders do this and my Little League players as well. (

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