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Happily ever after

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One of the hardest things when you get to the top is staying there.  Winning a championship as a team or a player getting to the level they’ve always dreamed of can be thrilling but it’s not without challenges.

Life on top is something special.  But don't think your work is done.

Life on top is something special. But don’t think your work is done.


First of all, a team that becomes a champion is not going to sneak up on anyone again.  Everyone will play you harder the next time in order to knock you off the mountain top.

Secondly, sometimes players and teams can mentally drop an anchor.  This mind set is common among first timers because all the new sights at the top are brand new.  The players and team stop doing what got them to the top and start to pay more attention to the accolades.  They mistakenly think that prior success will automatically come again.

That’s not how sports work.  It is perfectly ok to enjoy your moment in the sun.  You’ve certainly earned it.  But beware.  In many ways, things just got a lot harder.

Get to work because there is no such thing as happily ever after in baseball.

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