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Going with your hunch as a coach

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Last week I finished with two posts about the what, how, and when for Hit and Runs and Run and Hits.

By the book works but hunches are fine too.

By the book works but hunches are fine too.

 I can just hear the beginning coaches saying “How in the world am I supposed to think about all that in a matter of a few seconds and decide?”

It’s a good question but the more you coach the more you won’t actually think about it.  When the time comes, you will usually get a “feeling” or a “hunch” about what to do.  The problem is that some coaches do not trust their hunches or gut feelings.  I’m not saying your hunches are always right but I believe your hunches are really your brain processing all those details mentioned in the last two posts and spitting out your “hunch.”

As you coach in games more often, your hunches tend to be more correct than not.  

Tomorrow’s post: Matching the technique to the player

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