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Game blocks

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The college season is well under way and most high schools have a least a couple games under their belt as well.  For some players, the season has gotten off to a great start.  High averages, a good amount of RBI’s, a couple wins for a pitcher, etc.  Nothing better than starting off the season on the right foot.  For others, not so much.  Some guys have the misfortune of starting the season in a rut.  This can be demoralizing on so many levels.  However, if handled correctly, it can be short lived. 

A great way to handle these situations is to break up the season into “game blocks.”  In my area, public high schools are allowed to play 20 games.  This game total can easily be broken up into five blocks of four games.  If a player’s performance has been sub-par during the first “block” of games, the good news is that it’s over!  A new block is about to start.  Mentally, this can help a player focus on the positive and leave the past behind him.

As a coach, this can have a great impact on your whole team as well.  Breaking the season up into blocks can help a team get through tough times and helps to keep a good team focused.  Even a team that gets off to a fast start can get complacent and think the game is easy.  “Blocks” can keep them on track because their past success has no significance in a new block. 

Keeping stats per block is a great idea also.  Players who statistically get off to a poor start can leave that block behind and focus on improving their stats during this new block of games.  Basically, it prevents a player from mentally quitting.  Special block awards can be given out for most hard hit balls, best strike out to walk ratio, best strikes thrown percentage, on-base percentage, etc. Maybe have an award for most heads up play!  Call it the “Block Head Award!”  (I just made that up.)

Any way you manage it, blocking games can have a great affect on individual players and teams alike.

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