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Footwork for holding runners at first base

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Happy Labor Day!  On that note … why don’t we have a “Capital Day” to commemorate all the entrepreneurs and business owners who risked their own capital to start businesses that turned into those jobs?  I’m just sayin’.

Anyway … when you watch first basemen at the major league level, you are bound to see a few different styles of footwork when holding runners at the bag.  In today’s video tip, I explain some of the options based on the situation and whether or not the first baseman is right handed or left handed.


Tomorrow’s post:  The first-move steal play for first basemen


2 Responses to “Footwork for holding runners at first base”
  1. Jim Sullivan says:

    Your statement about players needing to be in fair territory, at least according to NFHS rules, was not quite correct. Article 4, under Rule 1-1 says “a fielder is in fair ground when at least one foot is touching fair ground”.

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